Eduards Zarins


Eduards Zarins (Letland 1989)
His work is about creating a form of environment by using different tools of entertainment. The artistic process and inspiration are based on the perception of life that is innate. The construction of his work starts from a fundamental ‘zero point’ which he uses as ‘ignition’ of the whole process. This process creates the story, location, character and movement. Each of these elements are connected together, ultimately forming the ‘body’ of the artwork. During the performance all parties are sending and receiving the information. This process gives the viewer an image of the creative process. Important elements of every work are; sound, rhythm, speed and composition. In creating new work, Zarins strives to discover new forms of genres and compositions and is challenged to a continuous journey throught his artistic process.

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Hats and Coats: Hat Scene
HD Video: 00:03:17 / July 2017
A Short scene at Hats and Coats store
Decor: Eduards Zarins
Choriography Eduards Zarins
General assistant: Bart Nijboer
First role: Bart Nijboer
Second role: Eduards Zarins
Theatre Study
HD Video: 00:05:28 / 2016
This movie was about to create movement that fitted on my self build theatre stage. I studied this movement technics, and tried to enjoy every small detail of it as long as possible.


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