Otakar Zwartjes (Rietveld, A’dam)

The Dutch ánd Czech Otakar Zwartjes’ artistic practice and creative research are focused on technical and practical skills and knowledge of materials versus the conceptual trajectories of contemporary art. He is particular interested in the dichotomy between the artist as a producer and the artist as a thinker, and how these two perspectives
interconnect or exclude eachother. The creative process and the formalistic, material-oriented approach to make art plays a key role in the way he approaches his artistic practice. Within his work he opposes the current material commodification of the contemporary consumerism. The process from which the results of human actions are expressed in money instead of their intrinsic value. In addition to this process, the narrative aspects of his work are based on minimalist aesthetics and their subtle way of communicating.


Activiteiten van Otakar Zwartjes binnen Omstand