Suyoung Yang


Currently based in Seoul and Rotterdam, Suyoung Yang (KR, 1993) has previously graduated from Fine Arts at Royal Art Academy The Hague and Oslo National Academy of the Arts. In her artistic practice, she mainly takes a site-specific approach, focusing on recreating certain atmospheres in a pre-existing space based on memories and personal histories. In the spaces she creates, there is often a suggestion of alternative ways of sensing and being. It is a transition from the representational to the things that are more phenomenological and close to our senses. The elements of the installations stem from everyday life and are transformed in a way that they become distant from their original contexts. The elements that are pushed out of their daily lives and no longer follow everyday logic become metaphors in a particular story. However, instead of providing clear-cut linear narratives, they provide intuitive frameworks of undefined imagery inviting audiences to reimagine those stories or atmospheres from their perspectives. Like in the galaxies that are composed of planets orbiting each other, elements of the installation occupy a part of the space in different rhythms, and the gaps between those elements act as room for individual imagination to intervene.

Instagram: sususumaster

A Porous Room (2021) photo’s Ivonne Zijp

(Artwork description)
Memories are fleeting by nature. Being inevitably fragile, they become tangible only in a reconstructed fictional form. The tiniest corrosion on the walls turns into clues. So does the floor, an armchair, the window and an envelope. The recreation of domestic settings -a scene that is replaced with fictionalized objects- re-renders the narratives that secretly dwell at home. The fragments are recollected, unfolded and presented like a verse that does not rhyme.

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