Solenne Tadros


Based between Toronto (Canada) and Amman (Jordan), Solenne Tadros (JO, 1996) is a levantine creative technologist and social activist. Her interest in the fields of design, interactivity, and innovation led her to study at Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York; graduating with a BFA in Design and Technology.
As a millennial social commentary artist, she uses her skills in the digital arena to express her opinions and shed light on people’s stories.In her artistic practice she reflects on current political and environmental matters, alongside her own experiences with her mental and physical wellbeing in the modern world. Her virtual reality work spans from heritage preservation to fashion marketing & a 360 documentary. Such  projects have been showcased in film festivals & exhibitions in North America, Europe & the Middle East  and featured in Vogue US, Vogue Espańa, Womena, Mille World & more.

Instagram: solenneternet

(x)odus, (2018) photo (top) Ivonne Zijp

(Artwork description) >> (x)odus is a project that supports and encourages the rebuilding of lives that have been affected by man-caused displacement. Using VR as an archival tool, (x)odus digitally rebuilds the memories of displaced people and brings them to life in an immersive experience. Showing others what these individuals left behind when fleeing their homes to seek asylum in other countries around the world.

The space you are about to experience is an unrefined composition, collected by memory, of objects from Leila Khoury Nimry’s childhood bedroom – where she was forcibly displaced from her home in Palestine by illegal Zionist settlers during the Nakba. A space that has not been physically visited by its original owner since 1948. This is a digital representation of what Leila left behind.
Leila Khoury Nimry is now one of the many Palestinians in Diaspora. She only had a few hours to pack her belongings before getting on to the last boat leaving the Port of Haifa. As she and her family left with two suitcases in hand, their minds were imprinted with their final  memories in Palestine.


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