Riun Jo


Currently based in Amsterdam, artist Riun Jo (KR, 1991) graduated from the BA fashion at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2021. After entering the fashion department, she witnessed the various problems in the fashion industry such as sexism, racism, cultural appropriation, rude designers who treat models as mannequins, factory workers in developing countries working in harsh environments, the environmental pollution from such factors, etc. Disillusioned and frustrated with the coldness within the fashion industry made her search for warmth through texture and the form of objects. Her practice explores human psychology, anxiety, and loneliness. Visualizing invisible notions and touching intangible scars, through self-discipline and labour she silently shows the instability and temporality of life.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/riunjo/

집/Jib, Hanji (Korean paper), 2020 (Photo’s Ivonne Zijp)

집/Jib, which means home in Korean, shows not only the fragility of but also the longing for home. The installation made by copying objects in her room using Hanji (Korean paper) exudes silence and timelessness. The objects may seem solid at first, but they can be easily damaged at any time because they are hollow.

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