Annï Mertens


Annï Mertens (HKU, Utrecht)

Annï Mertens is a Luxembourgish artist living and working in Utrecht, Netherlands.
She works with a wide range of materials such as wood, concrete and ceramics, which she presents in installations which stimulate the imagination of the viewer to dive into an absurd sculptural landscape. In her art, nothing is what it seems. She playfully bends, coats and twists materials in such a way that it is hard to distinguish what’s solid and what’s porous, what’s delicate and what’s not. The intuition plays an important role during her process, so she follows the material and the material follows back, seeking poetic coherence between shape, colour and textures bending and flexing concrete and ceramics while exploring the limits of their material capacities.

insta: @annimtns

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