Lucia Leuci (I)


foto’s Koen Kievits


Lucia Leuci

In her observation of everyday life, Lucia Leuci essentially explores two pivotal themes: the existential, intended by the artist as capturing individual existences that can be found in the real world and the urban, where the city is viewed metaphorically as a place that influences the existence of each individual. Both tensions express a sociological lexicon of everyday life, filtered through an act of synthesis and of a non-analytical eye, which manifests in an indistinct use of multiple media. Constantly sweeping from immaterial, emotional and metaphorical content to the tactile substance of sculpture, installation, painting and drawing. The artist experiments with the materials in an intuitive and empathetic manner, often delving into their least conventional properties, inviting us to understand and interpret them in new ways. Lucia Leuci creates a symbolic vocabulary through the lyrical observation of the arrangements of contemporary of spaces and the unstable confines of its categorisation, in terms of individuality and collectivity, physicality and immateriality, motion and fixity. Her works are environments that function on a metaphorical level, through a sort of physical persistence of experience and exploration. Her research metabolises ordinary and precious materials that are then combined and transformed into aggregated structures. These physical and mental systems emanate a transformed and different consciousness, becoming ‘beings’ immersed in a vital energy, in the memory of one’s personal and collective history.

Activiteiten van Lucia Leuci (I) binnen Omstand