Linnéa Gerrits



foto’s Rob Groot Zevert

Linnéa Gerrits (Dutch/Swedish, 16/11/1993, Amsterdam)

That song you heard in the supermarket this morning and is still in your head six hours later, playing on repeat like an echo. Your head can become a trash bag full of horror and beautiful things merged together like a stream of consciousness. Inspired by her own stream of consciousness Linnea Gerrits creates new worlds filled with “normal” day objects, rooms, songs, creatures and mumbling. These creatures are being picked up along the way and start to live a life of their own. Some she knows in real life and some from a screen. Together they become one big happy happy family. Gerrits is constantly confused by her own work, but doesn’t feel the need to make things clear or explain too much. The confusion is the most beautiful part. This causes her work to come together as one big blur, transformed into theatrical sculptures, photography, text and sound.

Activiteiten van Linnéa Gerrits binnen Omstand