Jurgis Lietunovas


foto’s boven: Koen Kievits (bewerking door Rob Groot Zevert) onder: Rob Groot Zevert


Jurgis Lietunovas

The Secret Generator is a work that follows a poem written by a hacker. It tasks itself to understand what online proceses are we missing out on as we are hypnotised by our increasingly digital day to day routine. It explores the sentimentality and the struggle of technologically capable enthusiasts who try to break the barriers that are built up by corporate companies. Companies that increasingly rule the digital world and make decisions without taking into account the voice of the ‘digital citizen’. Slowly delving into a nightmarish aesthetics of various software tools, meant to fight the invisible digital oppressor, the film builds an eery tone, where magical thinking is intertwined with logical consequences. The poem turns into a wailing song following a vertigo of morphing shapes, some seen digitally some seen physically, but worlds have melted.

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