Janne Schimmel


– Phantasmic Gateways and their Housings, aluminium en brons, ceramics, computer hardware, gemstones, 2021 (foto Django v. Ardenne)

Janne Schimmel deconstructs existing hardware and technological devices to reimagine what technology is and our relationships with it. Janne has always been surrounded by the arts ever since he was a child. This, alongside his love for video gaming encouraged Janne to go on to study a BA in Man and Mediaat the Design Academy Eindhoven. Studying at DAE enabled Janne to experiment and develop as an artist which in turn lead him on to become a respected artist in his ownright.  ‘Phantasmic Gateways and their Housings’ takes him back to his roots as he is experiementing with video gaming and alternative realities.

More info on Janne Schimmel in the interview by Gabi Mawson:
LINK  >> https://www.coeval-magazine.com/coeval/janne-schimmel

Insta: Janneschimmel

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