Hanna Mattes


Stills from Supernatural #1-4, at Omstand / 24/7 ‘live’

Supernatural #1-4, Digital 16 mm-projectie, 00:03:32, 2014

Hanna Mattes  (DE, 1980) was born into a family of artists and filmmakers. Her upbringing highly informs her artistic practice. After working for some years in film production, Hanna started her academic journey in 2000 at the Freie Universität Berlin studying Linguistics, Science of Religion, and Indian Philology to better understand the beginnings of language, thought, and spirituality. Shifting her focus to the visual arts, she completed a BA at Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam, in 2006. Her examination work was nominated with the Rietveld Prize and the Art Olive Prize for young artists. Lastingly influenced by her initial academic experience, Hanna continues to look for epic stories and legendary places that shape our world and her body of work.

Insta: hanna.meteorite.mattes

Activiteiten van Hanna Mattes binnen Omstand