Daniele Formica


Daniele Formica (KABK, Den Haag)

Daniele Formica is an Italian artist previously studying in Perugia, Italy. Now living and working in The Hague, Netherlands. He tries out new ideas or methods on how to combine art with scientific and other humanistic disciplines. Formica likes to call his provocative and hypocritical attitude: “Don Quixote Activism”. This can be taken as a tribute to the fools and a standpoint against the righteous, a subtle strategy to undermine power, an excuse to defend the deep Daniele, or maybe just some stuff that lives better if left un-spoken.
Daniele was ant farming, serving food on a toy road, humanizing an IKEA Gunde-chair and realized that there is a huge entity parallel to himself consisting of all his body scraps – from sweat to dead skin – that he has spread since birth. He collected a small amount from this entity, giving it a personality, identifying it with the name BILL.


Activiteiten van Daniele Formica binnen Omstand