Eefje Wijnings

Mountains 1-12 –  60 x 50 cm each, mixed fabrics. 2021 (foto Django v. Ardenne)

A chair, a flower, a mountain, a circle or a square. By using archetypal shapes the emphasis is put on the colours and fabrics of the playful textile paintings. Eefje Wijnings contrasts bright, distinct colours or mixes and matches similar prints. To increase the tactile quality of the work, mock fur is combined with shiny satin fabrics, pure wool with synthetics or transparent cotton jersey with heavy velvet. The different fabrics are coming from stores all around Brussels. Finding, for example, a batch that was used to make ties in the ‘leftover shop’ in St. Gilles or extravagant, glittery materials in the Arabic stores on Rue de Brabant – ultimately most loving the shop that sells high-end fabric from Parisian designers. Sampling all these different kinds of fabric means that most pieces are one of a kind or part of a small edition.


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