Christian Thomsen a.k.a. Fjorsk


foto’s Linnéa Gerrits


Christian Thomsen (FJORSK)

In his work Fjorsk explores mythology within contemporary culture. He always has been drawn toward the archetypal imagery in folklore, in particular the inherent and universal symbols stemming from and shared across multiple cultures. Initially, it was simply visual pleasure that entranced him. Years later, through study, he was impressed and fascinated by the language of symbols. Using images and elements from variety of sources ranging from Norse mythology to art history to pop-culture. He creates a language that blurs the boundaries between high and low culture. With this conscious ambiguity he is attempting to reveal these archetypal narratives and their reflection in society, how the subject relates to the world at large, connecting layers of meaning, time and history to each other.

Myth is a representation of dominant ideology (according Roland Barthes). The myth or mythology of today happens most online as internet memes, referring to cultural units that spread rapidly via internet technology. The meme is, like the myth, an image divorced from its construct, stated as an indisputable fact. This hermetic way of re-purposing images and materials allows Fjorsk the potential of changing the view on what is already there. How we can look towards the world and the information it holds. The images and objects are formed, dissected, replaced and being used of added up back together in an new formation. Within this process they have been used to gain a new content and therefore have been stripped from their original meaning. Fjorsk’s intention is to bring a plurality of materials and formal components in balance, in order to evoke an experience of order between fragmentary elements.




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