studio omstand

Op de valreep in 2021 een nieuwe expo bij Omstand.

Studieprogramma op 23 en 24 december 2021. Korte kleine show van derde jaars ArtEZ BEAR onder de naam Extension Cord. Een groepsexpo met
Andrew Veloso Watkinson,
Ro Smit,
Paloma Jet Plantenga,
Adam Weijers. 

Meer informatie hieronder (online) en via Insta
via  Andrew >> @peachi.boi  of Ro >> @nonbinarypunkkid

Omstand, space for contemporary art
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 92 A, Arnhem



How is it that we extend beyond ourselves, towards each other? We might meet in a middle place, maybe not physical, but lingual, maybe not now, but before and after, maybe found, maybe made. In this space, through this space, to this space, our energy might extend, our power might reach, you might be listened to.


Ro Smit

Ro Smit explores queerness, forms of care, and the conections between human and objects and objects and each other through a mix of found and made materials. It’s very important for them to create work through materially transformative acts that they connect with their queer identity. They step out of the straight line of human and object lifespans, taking on a different lifespan for material. In these works they explore motions of destructive care: A form of care that harms but is better than the alternative.


Paloma Jet Plantenga

Paloma collects specific and neglected objects, Anything between physical, linguistic and cyber/digital material. These unwanted objects, ignored by the anthropocentric world, are full of different potentialities with which she tries to find (while playing) a new language, bass-line and arrangement within the objects. She does this with the help of “Thing-Expressionism”, a DIY theory around interaction/research with and around objects.


Adam Weijers

In their practice, Adam Weijers invites the viewer to create a dialogue with their ceramic Boring Bubbles, with the Bubbles themselves functioning as an extension of space, experience, dialogue and voice. In their practice Adam researches Language, pop culture, and Queer studies and theory. In this set of works, Adam invites you to explore a selection of Bubbles focussing on dynamics of power, presence, encounter, and divergence.

In the poetic dance of the above, the in-between, and the below, may we enlighten the base violence necessary for change.

Marcel Being

In their practice, Marcel Being explores the notions of being human, at the end of an era. Through disorientating reflective monologues and ambiguous sculptures, Marcel offers a fragmented perspective on the human condition.

Andrew Veloso Watkinson

Through the objects he creates and assembles, Andrew asks, ‘What am I supposed to be doing? Is dying worth it? Is decaying good, actually?’ He explores real and imagined ideas of longevity and looks for expressions of immortality, with his sculptures and there redundant purposes serving as vessels for an imagined self to – regardless of time or place of the physical self – find a new friend, witness them and be witnessed. ‘Double Life’ is an ongoing experiment questioning which material, ceramic or digital, might outlast us as individuals – the beginning of a trail.