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Mortiz Neuhoff

Colin Penno (front)
Joel Roters (back)

Hadassah Emmerich

Nils Bleibtreu

Sibylle Czichon


The exhibition SOWIESO took place from 4 June until 24 July 2022, at Omstand, space for contemporary art, Arnhem (NL) organizes exhibitions.

With participating artists:
Morgan Betz (NL/USA)
Nils Bleibtrue (DE)
Sibylle Czichon (DE)
Koen Delaere (NL)
Hadassah Emmerich (NL/BE)
Max Frintrop (DE)
Moritz Neuhoff (DE)
Colin Penno (DE)
Joel Roters (DE)
Machteld Rullens (NL)
Daniel Schubert (DE)
Esther Tielemans (NL)
Wendy White (USA)
Anouk van Zwieten (NL)

Curated by
Ide André (NL)
Lieven Hendriks (NL)

All photo’s by
Django van Ardenne

SOWIESO (Anyhow) is the group exhibition organized by Omstand (curator Lieven Hendriks) together with guest curator Ide André. It is an international exchange program of contemporary painting, by artists mainly from the regions of Arnhem, Düsseldorf and the Ruhr Area, from Artists who originate from and/or work in the Netherlands and Germany.
It is of course curious that both in the Netherlands as well as in Germany, we seem to be so focused on our ‘own’ art and artists, especially considering we are one another’s neighbours. Omstand wants to contribute to bridging this distance. For this programme, André and Hendriks are working together with Nils Bleibtreu and Joel Roters, both operating from Germany. It concerns two different parts of the same programme. SOWIESO (Anyhow) presented in the Netherlands at Omstand Arnhem is the first part. Next year in Kunsthaus Essen in Germany we will present the second part.

For this exhibition, the two curators have taken their own interest in painting as a starting point. In the exhibition we show contemporary, vital painting. The works are selected on the basis of the suspicion that, in the right context, an exciting interaction between the works will arise. These are painters we like to see together, a celebration of the art of painting.


– Mondriaan Fonds
– Provincie Gelderland
– Gemeente Arnhem
– Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds
– Ivo Rodriques (Team Omstand)
– Willeke van Ravenhorst (vertaling NL-ENG)
– Rob Groot Zevert (Team Omstand, eindredactie)
– Fenne Saedt (Team Omstand)
– Nataša Šuković (Team Omstand)
– Corine van der Wal (Team Omstand, Grafic Design)
– Django van Ardenne (foto’s)

Max Frintrop

Max Frintrop
Hadassah Emmerich

Machteld Rullens (links)
Esther Tielemans (rechts)

Wendy White

Morgan Betz

Daniel Schubert

Koen Delaere (links)
Colin Penno (rechts)
Joel Roters (midden)

Sibylle Czichon

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